An atomic step in a process.

Activity Block
A set of activities within a process that share some common properties.

Activity Instance
A single enactment of a workflow to be completed in order for one request to come to a resolution.

Ad Hoc Workflow Systems
A workflow application that does not force many constraints on the process.

Administrative Workflow Systems
A Workflow system that tracks what users are doing and assigns new tasks / activities according to a set of business rules.

AJAX is a combination of two technologies used to transfer via HTTP small pieces of information which can then be used to redraw parts of an HTML page.

AJAX Refresh
Refreshing part of a Web Paged based on a user Action.

AND Split
A point within a workflow where a single control thread splits into multiple parallel activities.

A workflow pattern where multiple execution threads converge into one.

Answer Box Type
A set of one or more HTML elements that provide a way of answering a question in a Web Form.

A set of function calls which are provided access to external applications to use internal functionality.

AS-IS process
A description or diagram of a current business process.

Asynchronous Process
An activity which is instatiated but does not require completion for the process to complete.

Audit Data
historical records of the progress of workflow instances.

Audit Log
A set of records detailing information at a point in time.

Automated Activity
An activity which can be completed without a person taking part. More

Auxiliary Business Process
A business process which is not needed for the business to function.

Balanced Scorecard
A process measurement method for determining how aligned processes are with business objectives.

Business Activity Monitoring

A set of criteria to evaluate a system against.

Best Practice
A method or technical that is defined as being the most effective known way to do something.

A Software system or tool set that extracts meaningful conclusions, correlations or patterns from large amounts of data.

A Boolean is a Data Type that can have one of two values only: True or False.

BPM Suite
A software suite that provides a complete set of process management capabilities.

Business Analytics
Skills, technologies and data that allow for process trend and performance analysis.

Business Function
Something an must do in order to achieve be sucessful or viable

Business Process
A multiple linked activities which collectively realise a business goal.

Business Process Effectiveness
A term used when measuring the results of a business process weigh up against the resources used to perform the process

Business Process Initiative
A plan to improve one or more identified business processes.

Business Process Management Trends
A trend accepted byt the practitioners for Business Process Management.

Business Process Maturity
How mature an organization is in respect to it business processes.

Business Process Modeling Tool
Software used to create business process diagrams.

Business Process Outsourcing
Outsource business processes to other companies to manage and execute

Business Process Reengineering
The act of reworking business processes so they deliver greater business value.

Business Process Types
A logical groups of the types of business processes.

Business Process Warehouse
A large information store of templated workflow processes.

Business Rules
A set of policies which govern how an organisation is run.

Business Rules Engine
A software system that executes business rules in a runtime environment.

Business-to-Business Integration
Allows tasks, information and documents to seemlessly through across organisational boundries.

Cause-Effect Diagram
A diagraming method used to trace the causes of problems.

Child Sub Form
A child subform is a subform that has a one to many relationship with a parent subform. In this way for every parent record there can be zero, one or multiple child records.

Clip File
In Kontinuum the clip file contains the information that was most recently copied.

Composite Process Application
A workflow application create using a workflow platform to solve a particular problem

A condition which must be met in order for a instance to complete in a standardised way.

Continuous Process Improvement
A methodology to continually improve process, product and organisational performance.

Core Business Process
A Business process which is vital and immediately effects the day to day running of the business.

A user interface where the information is displayed is what a user would most frequently like to view.

Dashboard Item
A section of a dashboard which displays key and relevant information to a user.

Data Storage Database
a database that holds the information collected for one workflow application.

A structured collection of data stored in a computer system.

Database Instance
A database instance is a complete database environment.

Database Server
In Kontinuum the Database Server is the server on which MSSQL Server is installed.

To decache is the act of removing all contents from the cache in a web browser.

Decision Gate
A gate in a workflow diagram where a business rule is applied to determing routing to subsequent activities.

Decision Support Systems
A system which collates data to allow a user to make an informed decision.

Design User
In Kontinuum a design user is a authenticated Kontinuum user that has access to modify meta information in the WebandFlo database.

Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control

Document Management System
A system that manages permissions and versioning of electronic files.

Due Date
The time when an activity or task is due.

Dynamic Size Mode
In Kontinuum Dynamic Size Mode is a mode where by the workflow map images can have dynamic sizes.

Enterprise Alignment
The process of aligning an organisations resources with their goals and strategies.

Enterprise Application
A software application which spans the width of an organization.

Enterprise Application Integration
the use of computer systems architectural principles to integrate a set of enterprise applications.

A procedure (automated or manual) which is invoked if a particular constraint or condition is not met.

Exceptions Processing
Adjusting transactions that were not completed wholly and sucessfully.

A routing pattern whereby a workflow instance is sent back to a previously completed task for re-submission.

Form Request
This object is used to retrieve the values for all of the input elements posted to the HTTP request body for an HTML Form that uses the POST method.

HTML frames allow authors of web documents to present documents in multiple views, which may be independent windows or subwindows.

Gaps and Disconnects Patterns
A redesign pattern that checks on the sucessful transition between activities.

A location in a process map where some sort of action (Human or System) occurs

Goal Hierarchy
A diagram which shows high to low level goals in a process or organization.

Graphical User Interface
offers graphical icons, and visual indicators as opposed to text to relay information and available actions.

A systems that enable the representation and enactment of tasks involving collaboration.

A audit log of what has happend in a particular process instance.

Horizontal Alignment
Horizontal alignment is alignment the spans across the breadth of an organisation.

Is the act of allowing an application to reside in a specific location

Impact Analysis
Is used to determine the benefits and disruption to a business if it undergoes a change.

Installation Directory
This is the Directory on the Web Server which contains the root of the Kontinuum Installation.

Installation User
An Installation user in term of Kontinuum is a windows user that has permissions to install and manage one or multiple Kontinuum installations.

Item List
Item Lists are used to recall, view and edit records within the system

A point in a workflow diagram where there is a change in the number of lines of control.

Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement throughout all aspects of life.

Kontinuum is a web based workflow application development platform.

Kontinuum Instance
A Kontinuum instance is a singular Installation of Kontinuum.

Life Cycle Management
The ongoing management of a process

In Kontinuum a gate called Z is said to be live if in the workflow instance as gates which are required and appear before gate Z have been completed.

A loop involves a set of one or more tasks being completed until a condition is met.

A representation used to illustrate a design.

Navigation Tree
In Kontinuum Navigation Trees are used by design users to navigate through a series of objects so that they can be assigned properties, relations to other objects or have actions performed on them.

Organizational Model
A model which shows the structure or an organization.

Organizational Role
People that are often assigned a set of one or more duties.

A point in the workflow where branches converge.

A point in a workflow where one branch encounters a decision gate and only one path can be taken.

Packaged Applications
A prepackaged software application.

Parallel Process
A group of one or more activities that can be performed simultaneously.

Petri Net
a notation used for decribing discrete distributed systems.

Popup Menu
In Kontinuum a Popup menu is a small menu that appears over an item once it has been clicked on.

a site that is thought of as an entrance to similar and related information.

A condition which may be evaluated to determine if a instance of a workflow is complete.

An expression which may determine if a workflow instance should be created.

Primary Key Column
A Primary Key Column in Kontinuum is a column that has been set as one if not all of the columns that will be used as the primary key for a workflow instance.

Primary Table
The primary table is the table which is defined as the first subform in the first form in the first location.

A set of consistent activities and transactions performed regularly by an organization that achieves a result.

Process Map
An diagram that shows the routing a process instance takes from it’s initiation to one or more conclusions.

Query String
In the World Wide Web, a query string is the part of a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that contains data to be passed to web applications.

A prompt to a user in which a response is expected.

Roll Back
A roll back is the action taken within Kontinuum to undo the completion of one or more steps.

Software as a Service

SOA is an approach to software engineering where by functions are separated into distinct units called services which developers make available on a network.

Syntax Box
A Syntax Box is an Answer Box Type that is displayed to design users so that they can type in WAFFL Syntax.

Table Listing Report
A table listing report is a report that returns the results from an SQL query and draws them in a table.

Virtual Directory
A virtual directory is a location for a web application as well as a pointer to a physical location on a web server.

Web and Flo Functional Language

Web and Flo Series Format
Web and Flo Series Format is the format of a string which is commonly used throughout Kontinuum to relay information.

Web Form
Pages which render HTML where an end user supplies information and that information is stored in a database.

Web Server
In Kontinuum the web server is the server that is running IIS and thus hosting the web application.

A field in IT relating to the transfer of tasks, information and documents.

Workflow Collaboration
Workflow Collaboration manages the interactive between various team members or workflow participants in following a process.

Workflow Lookup
Referencing external data to process a business rule in a workflow.

Workflow Mining
A systematic way of reviewing business processes to ascertain where performance improvements can be achieved.

Workflow Participant
A person who performs tasks in a workflow instance.

Workflow Software
A Software System that defines, creates and manages the flow of tasks and information between workflow participants and applications.

Workflow Template
The design of a workflow application.

Workflow Versioning
Allowing workflow applications to have multiple versions (Process Templates).

Is an acronym for What You See Is What You Get